That's annoying – apologies for the frustration. If you have refreshed the page and you're still experiencing issues, please check the following:

On the personal details section

  • You should enter 3 years of address history

On the employment details section

  • You should enter 3 years of employment history

N.B: if you haven't lived (in the UK) or worked for the past 3 years and you don't have this information, feel free to backdate one of your inputs to cover off 3 years to proceed.

Other possible issues

  • One of the dates you have entered is in the future or entered incorrectly (eg. 01/06/2201, 31/09/2018)
  • Special characters may be causing the error, eg. "&", "?", "/", " ' ", "-".
  • You may have entered text in a numbers field. Where asked about age or mortgage term in years, please make sure to only enter the number
  • If you are using Internet Explorer. Sometimes this will prevent you from seeing the whole page and scrolling down to click the buttons. For optimum performance, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox as alternative browsers.

Let us know

If you're still experiencing issues and none of the above helped, please send us a message on live chat or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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