European Standard Information Sheet (ESIS)

This document sets out the main terms of your new mortgage recommendation, including details of the borrower, lender, interest rates before and after the initial fixed rate period, payments and charges, information on your rights and any compliance and complaints procedures regarding your new mortgage. It is very important that you fully understand it, as it will form the basis of your mortgage contract with the lender. 

As the illustration has been produced by us and not the lender, there is a possibility that these quotes can contain very small discrepancies from time to time. This is due to rounding up and down of % points. However, if you choose to proceed with what your Habito expert has recommended, you will receive a mortgage offer document from the lender displaying fully accurate information.

How long is it valid for?

ESIS document is only valid on the day we produce it. In other words, the data we used to research the products is live and the lenders can change it any time. However, we are constantly monitoring the market and will always tell you if anything changes before we progress further or a better deal comes up. 

Is this a mortgage offer?

No, this is purely an illustration of a type of mortgage we think you should have, based on what you have told us and what is available on the market on the day of its production. 

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