Cost is a big part of a mortgage, but we want to make sure you end up working with great lenders who won’t make a mess of processing your application. So where cost isn’t a factor, we’ll tell you about the lenders with the best reputation and the most responsive customer service.

As a result of the chat you have with one of our experts, we'll provide you with two documents: 

KFI (Key Facts Illustration) aka ESIS (European Standardised Information Sheet)

This is a lender-specific mortgage document where you can find every single detail about the lender and the product we are recommending to you. 

The KFI will clarify figures regarding:

  • mortgage amount
  • mortgage term
  • interest rates (during and after the fixed period, if relevant)
  • monthly payments
  • any lender fees (including when and how they will need to be paid)
  • any other additional features.

Evidence of Research (EoR)

Our technology enables us to be completely impartial when researching the market and recommending products. To demonstrate this, we'll send you a document with a list of all products you are eligible for, including the true cost information for each one.

EoR explains the reasons why we have recommended a particular mortgage/lender and why we have discounted others; this will all be based on your personal details, requests and our previous consultation.

You are always free to discuss other options in the EoR with your adviser or maybe even decide to apply with a different one, for example, if you prefer one lender over another. 

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