Head over to our Mortgage Calculator, and you could have an idea of how much you could expect to borrow in a matter of seconds.

Generally speaking, if you have a healthy deposit (eg. 10% of the house price) and your income is consistent and well-evidenced, you should be able to borrow around 4-4.75x your salary. 

If your circumstances are more nuanced; if you are self-employed, maybe a contractor or looking for a buy-to-let or a shared ownership mortgage, our advisers can take over and provide you with a more specific, tailored mortgage quote.

Just sign up here to get started: you can tell us all about your requirements, the specifics of your income and employment and, of course, the type of mortgage you're after. 

At Habito we've handled all sorts of cases and we'll do our best to help, whatever your circumstances. We've built an online application where you are able to fill in all the relevant details about needs and circumstances that we need in order to match with more than 20,000 live mortgage products from over 70 lenders. 

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