In short, Agreement in Principle (or a Decision in Principle) is a certificate we'll get from a lender confirming the amount they would in principle lend to you, a Habito customer.

AIP is not a mortgage offer

AIPs are non-committal to either party of the agreement; you may want to keep shopping around or your circumstances change after we tell you the outcome of your AIP application. Similarly, the AIP is not a guarantee from the lender but it is an important first step of any mortgage application.

This is where the credit checking happens

The decision on the AIP is based on the affordability and credit checks. We have the rights to do credit searches on behalf of the lender by accessing their system in order to credit check you. This search will appear on your credit file under the lender's name and it won't mention Habito.

There are also lenders who will only require a soft credit check and we may recommend getting an AIP from them so that there is no hard footprint left on your credit file. 

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