Yes! In fact, 1 in 4 people with a mortgage are paying too much so it’s worth taking a few seconds to check with us – try out our mortgage calculator and fill out an application when you're ready to proceed.

We've built the calculator to help you get a rough idea of your maximum borrowing amount, monthly mortgage payments and maximum property price, based on a few basic details for a quick quote.

The figures are interactive and based on real-time mortgage data, so you can play around and try changing the different elements to see how the they are impacted.  

However, you will see that the calculator won't take into account some very important factors such as debt levels, dependants, age, credit score — so when you're ready to delve deeper into your mortgage options, just sign up to fill out a bit more information and our team of advisers will help.

Once that's done, we can find the best deal for you and help you switch quickly and seamlessly. 

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