We've helped plenty of IT contractors get mortgages already and have an experienced team ready to help you, too. There are a few points to consider before filling out an online application on our website

12 months of work history

Ideally, your broker would need to supply proof of 12 months of contracting to the recommended lender. Typically, in addition to your income documents, we'll need to provide a copy of your contract, signed by both parties.

Lenders can work off your daily rate, rather than company accounts

Compared to self-employed applicants in general, this is particularly beneficial when it comes to working as an IT contractor, as it might mean an easier route to a bigger loan.

Umbrella company sometimes makes things easier

You may already have organised your work and income flow through an umbrella company; whilst it means you might have less control over your affairs than you would with a limited company, it might help your mortgage eligibility. 

You should have at least 2 months remaining on a contract

Two months will mean limited options, 6 months left (or more) would be ideal to make sure we are able to choose from the widest possible range of mortgage providers.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch on live chat or email us on hey@habito.com. 

If you're ready to speak to our experts, just sign up here to fill out an application and we'll take it from there.

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